Treasure Chest Workbook Answers Chapter 1 Bonku Babu’s Friend

Treasure Chest Workbook Answers Chapter 1 Bonku Babu’s Friend

Treasure Chest Workbook Answers Chapter 1 Bonku Babu’s Friend

Bonku Babu’s Friend Comprehension Questions Answers

Read the extracts and answer the following questions:

Passage – 1.

No one had ever seen Bonku Babu get cross. To tell the truth, it was difficult to imagine what he might say or do, if one day he did get angry. It was not as if there was never any reason for him to lose his temper. For the last twenty-two years, Bonku Babu had taught geography and Bengali at the Kankurgachhi Village Primary School.

Every year, a new batch of students replaced the old one, but old or new, the tradition of teasing poor Bonku Babu continued among all the students. Some drew his cartoon on the blackboard; others put glue on his chair; or, on the night of Kali Puja, they lit a chasing rocket and set it off right behind him.

a. What was the profession of Bonkubabu? How long has be been in his profession?
b. How did the students tease Bonkubabu?
c. What was the tradition that continued against Bonkubabu?
d. What impression do you get about Bonkubabu?
e. How did Bonkubabu condemn the students?
a. Bonkubabu was a teacher of Kankurgachhi village Primary School. He has been in this profession for long twenty two years. He taught Bengali and geography there.

b. The students drew his cartoon in the blackboard, others kept glue on his chair. In the Kalipuja night they lit chasing rocket and set it off right behind him. Thus, the students teased Bonkubabu.

c. Although the flow of students change every year still the teasing of Bonkubabu continued among the students.

d. Bankubabu was a very simple village people. He was fond of students. He did not lose his temper for the teasing by his beloved students.

e. Bonkubabu condemned the students for teasing by saying shame on the students.

Passage – 2.

Only the other day-less than two months ago-they were talking about ghosts. Usually, Bonkubabu kept his mouth shut. That day, for some unknown reason, he opened it and declared that he was not afraid of ghosts, that was all! But it was enough to offer a golden opportunity to the others. On his way back home later that night, Bonku Babu was attacked by a ‘spook’.

As he was passing under a tamarind tree, a tall, thin figure leapt down and landed on his back. As it happened, this apparition had smeared black ink all over itself, possibly at the suggestion of someone at the meeting. Bonku Babu was not frightened. But he was injured. For three days, his neck ached. Worst of all – his new kurta was torn and it had black stains all over. What kind of a joke was this?

a. What did Bonkubabu declarae in the add?
b. What did his associates plan?
c. What was the figure according to you?
d. Why Bonkubabu could not recognise the apparition?
e. How was Bonkubabu affected in the encounters?
a. In the adda Bonkubabu declared that he was not afraid of the ghosts.

b. His associates planned to prove his declaration false. So, they attacked him as a spook when he was returning home late in the night.

c. I think the figure of spook was of his disguised associates.

d. It was dark night and the way under the tamarind tree was deep dark. So he could not identify the figure.

e. In the encounter with Bonkubabu the apparition had smeared black ink all over him. He was injured. His neck ached for three days. His new Kurta was torn and it had black stains all over.


On one particular day, the topic of conversation was space -in other words, they were talking of spaceships and space-travel. Soon after sunset, a moving point of light had been seen in the northern sky. A similar light was seen three months ago, which had led to much speculation.

In the end, it had turned out to be a Russian satellite, called Khotka – or was it Phoska? Anyway, this satellite was supposed to be going round the earth at a height of 400 miles, and providing a lot of valuable information to scientists.

a. What was the topic of conversation?
b. Where was the moving light seen?
c. What was Khotka?
d. How was the satellite going round?
e. What did the satellite provide?
a. The topic of conversation was about spaceships and space-travel.

b. The moving light was seen in the northern sky three months ago with much speculation.

c. Khotka or Phoska had turned to be a Russian satellite.

d. The satellite was supposed to be going round the earth at a height of 400 miles.

e. The satellite provided a lot of valuable information to scientists.

Passage – 4.

Bonku Babu fell silent. But several questions rose in his mind. Was it really impossible? If an alien had to visit the earth, would it really matter where it arrived first? It might not aim to go straight to any other part of the world. AH right, it was highly unlikely that such a thing would happen in Kankurgachhi village, but who was to say for sure that it could not happen at all?

Sripati Babu was silent so far. Now, as he shifted in his seat, everyone looked at him. He put his cup down and spoke knowledgeably: “Look, if someone from a different planet does come to earth, I can assure you that he will not come to this Godforsaken place. Those aliens are no fools. It is my belief that they are sahibs, and they will land in some western country, where all the sahibs live. Understand?”

a. What were the several questions?
b. What was the speculation?
c. What was the impression of Sripatibabu?
d. Where will the aliens may land?
a. The several questions that arose there why the alien would land at Kankurgacchi.

b. The speculation was that it was quite unlikely that an alien would land at a remote village like Kankurgacchi.

c. Sripatibabu impressed that an alien was a sahib and no fool at all.

d. Sripatibabu believed that they would land in some western country.


Bonku Babu did not reply, but wondered silently: if anyone were to actually look for a specimen, weren’t the others just as suitable? Look at Sripati Babu. His chin was so much like a camel’s. And that Bhairav Chakravarty, his eyes were like the eyes of a tortoise.

Nidhu Babu looked like a rat, Ramkanai like a goat, and Chandi Babu like a flittermouse. If a zoo really had to be filled up…! Tears sprang to his eyes. Bonku Babu had come to the meeting hoping, for once, to enjoy himself. That was clearly not to be. He could not stay here any longer. He got to his feet?

a. Why did not Bonkubabu reply?
b. What did Bonkubabu thought about Bhairavbabu?
c. How could a zoo be filled up?
d. Why did Bonkubabu come to the meeting?
e. Why everyone laughed?
a. Bonkubabu did not reply because as the specimens were present in the meeting in his house.

b. About Bhairavbabu, Bonkubabu thought the eyes of his were like the eyes of tortoise.

c. A zoo could be filled up with the regulars of Sripatibabu as his chin was like the camels, Bhairav Babus eyes were like the tortoise, Nidhubabu was like a rat, Ramkanai like was a goat and Chandibabu was like a fittermouse.

d. Bonkubabu used to come to the meeting to enjoy the association of the regular members like Bhairavbabu, Sripatibabu, Nidhubabu and Ramkanai.

e. Everyone laughed at because Sripatibabu nick named every associates comparing them with animals.

Passage – 6.

Puzzled, Bonku Babu walked another twenty yards, and then he suddenly saw the light. At first, he thought that a fire had broken out. Bang in the middle of Poncha Ghosh’s bamboo grove, in the clearing near a small pond, quite a large area was glowing pink.

A dull light shone on every branch and every leaf. Down below, the ground behind the pond was lit by a much stronger pink light. But it was not a fire, for it was still. Bonku Babu kept moving. All at once, his ears began ringing. He felt as if someone was humming loudly – a long, steady noise there was no way he could stop it. Bonku Babu broke out into goose pimples, but an irrepressible curiosity drove him further forward.

a. Describe the light referred to here.
b. How did the ground look behind the pond?
c. Why did Bonku think that a fire had broken out?
d. What was the effect of the noise on Bonkubabu?
e. Why did he move forward?
a. The light referred to here appeared to Bonku as a fire in the bamboo grove. Quite a large area was glowing pink.

b. Behind the pond the ground was lit by a much stronger pink light.

c. Bonku thought that a fire had broken out because suddenly he saw the light.

d. The noise had no effect on Bonkubabu as he saw the light clearing near a small pond.

e. Bonkubabu moved forward because the light was not a fire as it was still.

Passage – 7.

Through that door emerged a head – like a plain, smooth ball – and then the body of a weird creature. Its arms and legs were amazingly thin. With the exception of its head, its whole body was covered by a shiny, pink outfit. Instead of ears, it had tiny holes on each side of its head.

On the face were two holes where there should have been a nose, and another gaping hole instead of a mouth. There was no sign of hair anywhere. Its eyes were round and bright yellow. They appeared to be glowing in the dark.

a. What came out of the strange object?
b. How did the creature look?
c. Describe the face of the person.
d. What did the creature have instead of ears?
e. Describe the face of the strange object.
a. From the strange object emerged a head like a plain smooth ball and then body of a weird creature.

b. The creature looked weird. Its arms and legs were amazingly thin. The whole body of the creature was covered by a shiny pink outfit.

c. The face of the person had two holes instead of nose and mouth. There was no sign of hair anywhere.

d. Instead of ears the creature had tiny holes on each side.

e. Same as answer of c.

Passage – 8.

Bonku Babu did not know what to say. He was feeling quite uncomfortable, for the creature had reached out and was examining Bonku Babu’s arms and legs with its long, bony fingers. When it finished, it introduced itself. “I am Ang, from the planet Craneus.

A far superior being than man.” What! This creature, barely four feet tall, with such thin limbs and weird face, was superior to man? Bonku Babu nearly burst out laughing. Ang read his mind immediately. “There’s no need to be so sceptical. I can prove it. How many languages do you know?

a. What did the creature tell about himself?
b. How did the creature prove that he was superior?
c. What was the reaction of Bonku?
d. How many languages did the creature know?
e. Who was Ang and where from did he come?
a. The creature introduced himself as Ang who came from planet craneus.

b. The creature proved himself superior as it knew 14000 languages.

c. Bonku was amazed to know that Ang was a superior person than human being.

d. The creature knew 14000 languages.

e. Ang was a strange figure who came from planet craneus.


Ang took out a small tube, one end of which was covered by a piece of glass. “Take a look through this!” Ang invited. Bonku Babu peered through die glass, and felt all his hair rise. Could this be true? Could he really believe his eyes? Before him stretched an endless expanse of snow, dotted with large hillocks, also covered with ice and snow.

Above him, against a deep blue sky, all the colours of a rainbow were forming different patterns, changing every second. The Aurora Borealis! What was that? An igloo. There was a group of polar bears. Wait, there was another animal. A strange, peculiar creature… Yes! It was a walrus. There were two of them, in fact. And they were fighting. Their tusks were bared -large as radishes – and they were attacking each other. Streams of bright red blood were flowing on the soft white snow…

a. How was the small tube of Ang?
b. What did Bonku see through the glass?
c. How was the sky through the glass?
d. What was Aurora Borealis?
e. What was walrus?
a. Ang showed a small tube to Bonku and the end of which was covered by a piece of glass.

b. Through the glass Bonku saw the endless expanse of snow covered with ice and snow.

c. Through the glass the sky was deep blue and all the colours of a rainbow were forming different patterns changing every second.

d. The Aurora Borealis is an igloo where a group of polar bears were seen.

e. Walrus was a strange peculiar creature. They were two fighting with bared tusks as large as radishes.

Passage- 10.

The next day was a Sunday. Everyone had turned up for their usual meeting at Sripati Babu’s home. There was a report in the local paper about a strange light, but it was only a small report. This light had been seen by a handful of people in only two places in Bengal. It was therefore being put in the same category as sightings of flying saucers. Tonight Poncha Ghosh was also present at the meeting. He was talking about his bamboo grove.

All the bamboos around the pond in the middle of the wood had lost all their leaves. It was not unusual for leaves to drop off in winter, but for so many plants to become totally bare overnight was certainly a remarkable occurrence. Everyone was talking about it when suddenly Bhairav Chakravarty said, “Why is Bonku so late today?”

a. What was the report of the local newspaper about strange light?
b. What was Poncha Ghosh saying?
c. What was the effect of the light on the trees?
d. What was the remarkable occurance?
e. What was the day?
a. The local newspapers briefly reported that a handful of people saw the light.

b. Poncha Ghosh was saying about his bamboo grove and told that the leaves of the bamboo trees had fallen.

c. The trees had become totally bare overnight. According to Poncha Ghosh it was a remarkable occurance.

d. Same as c. above.

e. The day was Saturday. The discussion took place on Sunday evening.

Bonku Babu’s Friend About the Story

A short story means a story which is short in structure. It is an account of one or more incidents.There are five characteristics of a short story. They are

  • Precision
  • Clearness of expression
  • Suspense
  • Curiosity and
  • Surprising twist at the end.

Origin : Instinctly human beings are fond of tales. In our ancient myths, fables, folktales, ballads, parables were the source of our enjoyments. A short story is mainly a 20th century critical enterprise. The aim of the short story is to produce a single narrative with the greatest economy of means. There is no hard and fast rule about the word limit of a story but it is presumed that about five hundred words as a masterpiece.

Style : Like all the literary works the short story has a style of its own. The plot of a short story consists of five main elements. They are

  • Exposition
  • Rise of action
  • Climax
  • Fall of action and
  • Resolution.

According to Rabindranath Tagore a short story is short in size, small incidents of our daily life are depicted in it, the language should be simple and lucid, without many incidents and characters, there should not be advice but there must be a curiosity in our mind at the end of it.
‘Banku Babu’s Friend’ — Satyaj it Roy

Bonku Babu’s Friend About the Author

Satyajit Roy (192 1-1992) :  Satyajit Roy was one of the great sons of mother India. He belonged to an aristrocratic Bengali family. He was born on 2nd May, 1921 at 100 Garpar Road Kolkata. His father Sukumar Roy was a well known poet and his mother Suprova Dcvi was a home maker. Upendra Kishore Roy Chowdhury, a children favourite writer was his grandfather.

Education : His early education was at Baflygunge Government High School, Kolkata (formerly Calcutta). He was graduated from Presidency College. He was a student of Viswa Bharati, Shantiniketan for a brief period of time.

Service : In 1943 he joined the British Advertising Company as a Junior Visualiser. But he was mainly a film maker. Apart from that he was a musician, graphic designer, advertisement maker, calligraphist and a prolific writer. He published fictions, novels, short stories, graphic designs.

As a film director he prepared 28 films, 5 feature films and 3 television films. He wrote about 60 books. His famous character creations are ‘Felud&, Topse, Jatayu’, ‘Professor Shanku etc. In 1955 his famous film Pather Panchali based on the novel of Bibhuti Bhusan Bandopadhyay gained international fame and awards.

Awards : He got many awards like Padmashri,Padmabibhusan, Akademi, and the Bharatratna award from the goverment of India.

Death : This great artist passed away on 23rd April, 1992. We are proud of him.

Source of the story : Banku Babu’s Friend is an excerpt from Three Rays : Stories from Satyajit Roy’. This short story is included in the syllabus for its vast popularity among the young learners of our country.

Bonku Babu’s Friend Brief Summary

Bankubihari Dutta was a teacher of Bengali and Geography in Kankurgachhi village Primary School. He was not upset although his students used to tease him. He never lost his temper and endurance. He loved to teach his few good students, gave them snacks in his house and told them foreign stories.

In the weekends Bankubabu used to visit lawyer Sripati Majumder’s residence with other regulars. Almost all his mates made fun with him. During discussion once Bankubabu declared that he had no fear about the ghosts. Later on a day a thin ghost landed down on his back and smeared black ink, all over him. In spite of repeated teasing he did not stop to visit Sripati Babu’s house.

Once when they were talking about space travel he turned the topic to aliens. They rejected his suggestion that Kankurgachi was an insignificant place for an alien visit. As they laughed at Bankubabu he left the meeting. Once on his half way Bankubabu saw strange light in the bamboo grove.

He also heard a humming sound. Bankubabu thought the visible mound like object was rising and falling as if it was breathing. From the object a strange creature appeared. His head was like a ball with thin arms and legs. He asked Banku if the place was earth. He introduced himself as Ang from planet craneus. He demanded his superiority than earthly people.

He was 833 years old and he knew 14000 languages. He gave Bonku a stone like object which could make the enemy powerless without harm. Afterwards through a tube he showed Banku the North Pole with bears and walrus. Later he showed him Brazil with the dense forest piranhas and a large Anaconda even larger than a python.

Ang pointed out that Ang was very meek and mild so, he was unable to progress properly. He advised Bonku to protest aganist injustice always. Within a few seconds Ang entered into his spaceship and disappeared. Banku was very happy to meet Ang. Next day on Sunday Bonku went to Sripati’s house as his last visit. He boldly declared the faults of his associates, and insulted them for their indecent behaviour.

Title : The entire story centres round the activities of Bonkubabu and his adda associates and Ang, the strange creature from planet craneus. As the theme of the story is about Banku and his adda associates the title of the story in appropriate.


1. Nudged — pushed
2. teasing — harrasing
3. specimens — examples
4. pranksters — prankplayers
5. auspicious — holy/sacred
6. ceric — wrong
7. translucent — unclear
8. submerged — partly below the water surface
9. endurance — patience
10. apparition — ghost
11. ached — pained
12. ridicule — mockery
13. speculation — conjecture
14. obscure — unclear
15. humbug — talkative
16. feigned — pretended
17. rudely — impolitely
18. fittermouse — a kind of bat
19. auspicious — holy/sacred
20. radiant — bright
21. stunned — confused
22. immobile — motionless
23. astounded — surprised greatly
24. veered off — sudden change of direction
25. Sceptical — doubtful
26. impenetrable — impassable
27. foliage leaves, monstrous huge,
29. incredible unbelievable
30. uproariously — very loudly
31. sycophants — flatterers.

Plot : Bankubabu’s Friend has a well structured plot with skill and meticulous attitude of the author. Cowardly school teacher Bonkubabu is treated with disrespect by his students, friends and associates. He had the lack of courage. He had to suffer insult and humiliation everywhere. His meeting with Ang changed his life. Banku was transformed to a loveable character after his encounter with Ang.

Theme : Friendship is the main theme of the story ‘Bankubabu’s Friend’. According to Sripati Majumder friendship is only for passing time with fun and enjoyment. Bonkubabu was sincere in his friendship as he did not mind in the teasing. But Sripati is not sincere about friendship.

Ang, the alien was the other friend of Bonku. He advised Bonku not to bow down before injustice. He also advised him to protest boldly and not to put up with insults. Due to encounter with Ang Bonku gathered courage and in Sripati’s house he pointed out the faults of others. Thus, the fun lovers became silent.

Bonku Babu’s Friend Characters

Bonkubabu is a primary school teacher of Kankurgachhi village Primary School. He teaches Bengali and Geography. He is a good teacher still his students tease him regularly. But he does not mind for that. He loves to teach. A few good students visit his house.

He tells them stories. He is a very good story teller and he enthralls his students with exciting adventures. In the weekends Bonku visits his friend and lawyer Sripati Majumder’s house. In Sripati’s house his regular group members take opportunity of his simplicity and he is ridiculed.

Even Sripati also joins them in the mockery. Suddenly Bonku has a meeting with Ang an alien and that brings a change in his behaviour. Ang advises him to be courageous and to protest against injustice. He is no longer a coward now.

Next day he goes to Sripati’s house and announces the short comings of all other regulars. Now he speaks the truth boldly and other regulars fails to raise a voice against him. He shows them their proper position and bids good bye to them for ever. In Poncha Ghose’s bamboo grove Ang, the alien meets him. Ang lands there from the spaceship by mistake. Due to failure of his instruments he lands on the earth.

Ang comes from the planet craneus. Banku is amazed to see his strange figure. Ang was a creature with superior intelligence. He is 833 years old and he knows 14000 languages. He has a tube like instrument through which he can look’ at any part of the solar system. He shows Bonku his favourite places of the world.

Ang is clever enough to understand the weakness of Bonkubabu. He advises him to come out from diffidence. His advise makes a magic on Bonku. His advice transforms Bonku and he is able cross the border of his cowardness and becomes a bold person to protest against the injustice of his regular associates.

Style : In a traditional style Satyajit creates the character of Bonkubabu and Ang in the story. Satyajit Roy is a pioneer of writing science fictions. The atmosphere is created in such a manner that everything seems to be a probability.

Elaborately Ray describes the weakend visits of Bonku to Sripati’s house where various topics like ghosts to spaceships are discussed. In this way the writer builds the climax atmosphere. It is distinctly established in the story that if someone from other plants desires to come he can land anywhere in the country. Thereafter with the radiation of light the entry of alien Ang is described.

The village Kankurgachhi is in a remote area. So, the simple language used by Ray is suitable for the residence of the village. Roy describes the physical appearance of Ang in a nice manner. His head is like a ball and his arms and legs are thin. In the place of mouth and nose there are two holes. Through which as if we are able to see Ang face to face. His writing style is appropriate for the subject matter of the story.

Bonku Babu’s Friend Critical Appreciation

Bonku Bibu’s Friend’ is a famous and popular story that gains interest of the readers. Bonkubabu a sheepish village primary teacher gets a chance to meet Ang, an alien of planet Craneus. Ang informs that the residents of Craneous planet are far superior than the people of earth. He shows Bonku a tube like instrument to prove that the people of planet Craneous are superior than the people of earth. Bonku’s conversation with Ang in a funny manner makes the story a famous work.

Bonku Babu’s Friend Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Read the questions given below and tick the correct answer:

Question 1.
Satyajit Ray’s fathers name was ……………..
a. Sukumar
b. Upendrakishore
c. Devendranath
d. Rabindranath
a. Sukumar

Question 2.
Bonkubabu used to teach ……………..
a. English
b. Maths
c. Bengali
d. Bengali and Geography
d. Bengali and Geography

Question 3.
Bonkubabu has been teaching in school for the last …………….
a. 10
b. 20
c. 22
d. 25 years
c. 22

Question 4.
Bonkubabu at the weekends used to visit …………….
a. Ram’s
b. Rahim’s
c. Sripati’s
d. Rabin’s house
c. Sripati’s

Question 5.
Banku babu used to tell his students stories from …………….
a. African life
b. North Pole discovery
c. human flesh eating Brazil fish
d. all of the above
c. human flesh eating Brazil fish

Question 6.
Under a tamarid tree Bonkubabu was attacked by ………………..
a. decoits
b. robbers
c. ghosts
d. a spook
d. a spook

Question 7.
Sripatibabu says if some one from different planet would land in ………………..
a. USA
b. India
c. Eastern country
d. Western country
d. Western country

Question 8.
The eyes of Ang was ………………..
a. round and bright yellow
b. shinning red
c. small
d. all of the above
a. round and bright yellow

Question 9.
Ang came from planet ………………..
a. Neptune
b. Saturn
c. Uranus
d. Craneus
d. Craneus

Question 10.
Ang was supposed to go to …………………
a. Pluto
b. Venus
c. Mars
d. Jupiters
a. Plutos

Question 11.
Sripatibabu was a ………………..
a. teacher
b. lawyer
c. doctor
d. none of the above
b. lawyer

Question 12.
Bankubabu was not using ………………..
a. cycle
b. motorcar
c. torch
d. torch or lantern
d. torch or lantern

Question 13.
Ang knew ………………..
a. 10,000
b. 11,000
c. 12,000
d. 14,000 languages
d. 14,000 languages

Question 14.
Ang was ………………..
a. 100
b. 200
c. 833
d. 1000 years old
c. 833

Question 15.
Ang’s eyes were ………………..
a. bright yellow
b. bright red
c. bright black
d. bright green
a. bright yellow

Question 16.
The title Bonku Babu was ………………..
a. Das
b. Dutta
c. Bose
d. Sen
b. Dutta

Question 17.
Finishing his speech, Bankubabu slapped the back of ………………..
a. Bhairav Chakraborty
b. Dasu Sen
c. Sripati Majumder
d. Ramkanai
a. Bhairav Chakraborty

Question 18.
At the end the cup fell from the hand of ………………..
a. Ramkanai
b. Bhairab
c. Sripati
d. Nidhubabu
a. Ramkanai

Question 19.
A moving point of light was seen in the ………………..
a. easten
b. western
c. northern
d. southern sky
c. northern

Question 20.
One night Banku Babu was attacked by a ………………..
a. ghost
b. spook
c. giant
d. woman
b. spook

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