ISC Class 12 Macbeth Assignment Questions

ISC Class 12 Macbeth Assignment Questions

Question 1.
Who is made heir to Duncan’s throne?
a. Macbeth
b. Macduff’s son, Fleance
c. Duncan’s son, Malcolm
d. Macduff

Question 2.
What does Lady Macbeth resolve to do?
a. Talk to the three witches
b. Kill Duncan herself
c. Protect Duncan from Macbeth’s blood lust.
d. Whatever necessary to help Macbeth become king.

Question 3.
What does Lady Macbeth think Macbeth lacks?
a. Modesty
b. The manliness to follow through on his ambitions
c. The ambition to ever become someone notable
d. The intelligence to be a king.

Question 4.
What is Lady Macbeth’s plan for murdering Duncan?
a. Macbeth will pour poison in his ear while he sleeps and blame the King’s brother.
b. Macbeth will hire three murderers to ambush Duncan when he returns to the castle on horseback.
c. Macbeth will stab him in his sleep and plant the bloody evidence on the servants.
d. Macbeth will push him out the window during a tour of the castle.

Question 5.
What happens to the Thane of Cawdor? Why?
a. He is rewarded for his bravery in the battle and promoted
b. He is executed for being a traitor
c. King Duncan takes his land away for being unfaithful
d. He is banished from Scotland.

Question 6.
What are the ways Macbeth sees himself getting the throne?
a. He can wait until King Duncan Dies
b. He can use the witches powers to overthrow the King
c. He can kill King Duncan
d. A and C

Question 7.
What comment does Duncan make about Cawdor’s death?
a. That traitors deserve a horrible death
b. That he died more noble than he lived
c. That Cawdor deserved to die because he ruled ineffectively
d. The mode of execution was fitting for a traitor

Question 8.
Identify the speaker of this quote: “Stars, hide your fires/Let not light see my black and deep desires.”
a. Macbeth
b. Lady Macbeth
c. Donalbain
d. Macduff

Question 9.
Identify the speaker of this quote: “There’s no art to find the mind’s construction in the face.”
a. Macbeth
b. Banquo
c. King Duncan
d. Ross

Question 10.
Who does Lord and Lady Macbeth frame for the murder of King Duncan?
a. Duncan’s sons
b. Duncan’s guardsmen
c. Banquo
d. The Witches

Question 11.
Who discovers Duncan’s dead body?
a. Macduff
b. Donalbain
c. Lennox
d. Macduff

Question 12.
In Act 2, Scene 1 of Macbeth, why does Duncan give Lady Macbeth a diamond?
a. Duncan gives Lady Macbeth a diamond because he is attracted to her.
b. Duncan gives Lady Macbeth a diamond because she has recently lost her fortune and he is trying to comfort her.
c. Duncan gives Lady Macbeth a diamond as payment for a horse she lets him take.
d. Duncan gives Lady Macbeth a diamond to thank her for letting him stay at their castle.

Question 13.
In Act 2, Scene 1 of Macbeth, how does Macbeth understand his vision of a bloody dagger?
a. He understands that the dagger means he will be killed.
b. He understands that the dagger is a vision meaning he is fated to kill Duncan.
c. He understands that the dagger is a vision that means he is very angry at Duncan.
d. He understands that he sees a dagger because he has fever.

Question 14.
What advice does Lady Macbeth give Macbeth when he arrives home?
a. He shouldn’t eat too much, because that would make him too sleepy to commit the murder quickly.
b. He should let Banquo in on the plan so that he has more help
c. He must learn to look innocent even when his heart is full of evil.
d. This would not be a good time to murder Duncan. They should wait a few days.

Question 15.
Where does Act 4, Scene 1 take place?
a. in a cave
b. at Macbeth’s castle
c. on the battlefield
d. on a heath

Question 16.
No boasting like a fool, this deed I’ll do before this purpose cool is one of Macbeth’s last lines in this passage. What does this line mean?
a. I will do this deed before Lady Macbeth convinces me to relax and cool my anger
b. Instead of boasting, I will do the deed before I lose my determination.
c. I won’t boast foolishly but will act with coolness and – purpose. No more wavering

Question 17.
Just before his death Macbeth
a. prayed that God would forgive him of all his sins
b. realized that he had been trapped by the witches riddles
c. thanked the witches and his wife for making him king
d. still believed that the witches had been honest and innocent

Question 18.
What is King Edward able to do?
a. heal the sick
b. defeat Macbeth
c. see the truth
d. speak his mind

Question 19.
How does the prediction that Birnum Wood will move to Dunsinane Hill come true?
a. The soldiers build trebuchets out of the trees and take them to Dunsinane hill
b. Strong winds blow the leaves from the woods to Dunsinane Hill
c. The soldiers use tree branches for camouflage as they approach the hill
d. The witches enchant the trees to move to Dunsinane Hill

Unsolved Reasoning Questions For Practice:

1. Referring to the prophecies of the weird sisters or the witches, Macbeth says that these prophecies can neither be regarded as evil nor as auspicious because …………………….

2. The nomination of Malcolm as the heir to the throne is – an obvious obstruction in the way of Macbeth’s ambition because …………………….

3. Kung Duncan’s visit to Inverness would cost him his life says Lady Macbeth because …………………….

4. Lady Macbethscolds her husband for wishing to abandon his resolve because …………………….

5. Macbeth is surprised at the state of his mind which every noise terrifies him because …………………….

6. On hearing the repeated knocking at the gate, the Porter indulges in a monologue describing his reaction to this knocking because……………………..

7. Macbeth tells the two murderers that Banquo is his enemy also and that Banquo’s enemity towards him is of a bloody nature because …………………….

8. In Act III Scene II Macbeth says that they have merely wounded the snake not killed it. The wound will heal up and the snake will become dangerous because …………………….

9. Malcolm, the Prince of Scotland, suggests to Macduff that they should at once go to the English King and ask for his permission to order their army because …………………….

10. Lady Macbeth is suck, and her behavior is abnormal because …………………….

11. According to the doctor, Lady Macbeth cannot be treated by a physician because …………………….

12.  In Act V SCENE III Macbeth compares himself to a yellow leaf because …………………….

13.  Instead of being loved and respected, Macbeth is cursed by people, though he is the king of Scotland because …………………….

14. In Act V scene vi Macbeth finds himself deceived by the prophecies made by the three witches because …………………….

15. Macduff is eager to fight with Macbeth and kill him because …………………….

Unsolved Understanding/ Analysis Type Of Questions:

1. What is a heath? Why is it a befitting place for the witches to meet?

2. Briefly state the importance of the opening scene in this play?

3. What has Macbeth been doing just before the witches meet him? Why is Macbeth introduced to the audience in the opening scene?Give any three characteristics of the witches?

4. What prophecies have the witches predicted in favor of Macbeth and Banquo? Why are the witches referred to as imperfect speakers by Macbeth?

5. Why is the title- Thane of Cawdor conferred on Macbeth? What harm does the conferring of this title bring to Duncan?

6. State in your own words how Duncan praises Macbeth after the latter’s exit?

7. In what way is Macbeth’s face like a book ? What advice does Lady Macbeth give him to help him overcome his surroundings? Give one example from the play where Lady Macbeth shows that she is innocent like a flower, but in reality she is a snake under the flower?

8. How would the relation between the guest and the host be affected, if the murder takes place? State the virtues of Duncan would cry against his murder? What publicity would be given by pity to the murder when it is commanded?

9. Why does Macbeth doubt whether he should go ahead with his plan of murder or not? According to Lady Macbeth, what should Macbeth do so that he would not fail?

10. What does Macbeth say to the dagger? What does the dagger show Macbeth? What does Macbeth say about the nature of the dagger?

11. Explain how Lady Macbeth is going to help her husband in his wicked plans.Why has Macbeth come with two bloody daggers?

12. Summarize Banquo’s feelings on the murder of Duncan? Is Banquo ambitious? Why?

13. How do Macbeth and Lady Macbeth welcome Banquo? What is their motive behind such a cordial welcome?

14. Why does Banquo apparently want Banquo to attend the feast? What was his real motive behind the invitation?

15. What type of insecurity does Macbeth feel due to the existence of Banquo?

16. How does Lady Macbeth explain Macbeth’s unusual behaviour to the guests? What arguments did Lady Macbeth put forward to convince Macbeth that the vision is not real?

17. Why is Hecate annoyed with the other witches? According to Hecate, how should the other witches make amends?

18. Why does Lady Macbeth refer to her son as a poor bird? How does the son outsmart his mother by using a logical argument?

19. What argument does Malcoln give to indicate that he does not trust Macduff ? How does Malcom use the theme of appearance and reality in his argument?

20. What shocking news does Ross give to Macduff? How does Macduff react immediately to the news?

21. How does Malcolm console Macdudd?

22. Comparing Macbeth to a Korean, what does Macduff say? How does the murder of Lady Macduff become the turning point in the play?

23. How does Lady Macbeth betray herself by her speech and actions in Act V scene 1 ? Why do you think that she is rubbing her hands?

Unsolved Higher Order Thinking Questions:

1. “The atmosphere in Macbeth is one of uniform gloom, horror and bloodshed”. Discuss.

2. Consider the theme of conflict between ambition and conscience as presented in Macbeth.

3. The Porter Scene: It’s value and significance

4. Macbeth’s vaulting ambition as the source of tragedy.

5. Equivocation is indeed a principal mode of the operation of evil forces through out the play. Discuss.

6. How far does Lady Macbeth contribute to her husband’s downfall?

7. Examine the use Shakespeare makes of soliloquies in Macbeth.

8. Sketch the character of Banquo paying particular ’ attention to his connection with the witches.

9. Explain the use of dramatic irony in Macbeth.

10. Compare the character of Macbeth to that of Banquo.

11. What happens in the following scenes? What light do they throw on the characters? What purpose do they serve in the drama ?

12. Write a note on the Witch – Scene in the play. How far are the witches responsible for bringing about the downfall of Macbeth?

13. Critically examine the manner in which Shakespeare delineates the decline of conscience in Macbeth. How does he relate it to the theme of evil in the play?

14. What do you understand by poetic justice? Do you find poetic justice in Macbeth?

15. Give a vivid account of the Banquet – scene.

16. Describe the apparitions and their significance.

17. Compare and contrast Lady Macbeth and Lady Macduff.

18. What role does Ross play in the drama?

19. Give a vivid description of the Sleep – Walking Scene.

20. How do the prophecies of the Witches mislead Macbeth?

21. Narrate the encounter between Macbeth and Macduff.

ISC Macbeth Workbook Answers

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