Prism A Collection of ISC Short Stories Workbook Answers for Class 11 & 12

It’s our great pleasure in our part to present ISC The best guide to Prism A Collection of ISC Short Stories Workbook Answers for Class 11 & 12 makes an honest and thorough attempt to bring the context with easy paraphrasing Scene wise abridgment, Mcqs, Reasoning, Short type and long type of question and answers. The ISC Collection of Short Stories Workbook Answers analyses and tackles different and untraditional by following the latest syllabus and norms of I.S.C.

ISC Prism Workbook Solutions for Class 11 & 12

Prism A Collection of ISC Short Stories Summary for Class 11 & 12

What is a short story?

It is difficult to be candid about the length and definition of a short story. We have the examples of O’ Henry, the great American short story maestro, whose short story.” An Apology” runs for only 213 (Two hundred and thirteen) words whereas D.H. Lawrence’s “The Fox” (1923) is about 30,000 (Thirty thousand) words. We are, therefore, confronted with the question: “How long (or short) is a short story?”

And so far as the form is concerned a short story has to be so flexible and susceptible to so much variety that it is almost impossible to apply any strict shape, length, subject, or style to it. It may be concerned with a scene, an episode, an experience, an action, the exhibition of a character or characters, the day’s events, a meeting, a conversation, a fantasy, and almost every possible thing.’

We may, however, say that a short story is a genre of literary art where there is a common singularity of theme, action, and setting in a small canvas of expression and in most cases, a sudden and almost unexpected twist of eventuality in the end.

This, however, is a general perception.

Short stories have been experimented the world over and still, neither the authors nor the critics have found any rock-solid definition with which this particular form of literary art can be capsuled with.

This ISC Prism Workbook Solutions for Class 11 & 12 has been written in a simple language and lucid style to enrich with useful knowledge. The Prism ISC Short Stories Contents will be student-friendly and they would be able to grasp the context in an enthusiastic manner.

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