OU Degree 2nd Sem English Study Material Notes Syllabus

Osmania University Degree 1st Year 2nd Sem English Study Material

  1. A Visit of Charity by Eudora Welty
  2. Benaras by Aldous Huxley
  3. Stanzas Written in Dejection, Near Naples by PB Shelley
  4. Shakespeare Retold Julius Caeser by William Shakespeare

OU Degree 2nd Sem English Syllabus

SHORT FICTION: “A Visit of Charity” by Eudora Welty— PRONUNCIATION: plosives— GRAMMAR: non-finite verbs—VOCABULARY: simile and metaphor— SPELLING: use of ‘ie’ and ‘ei’— PUNCTUATION: semicolon— CONVERSATION: asking for advice/information— READING: Hyderabad city: the heart of Telangana— WRITING: note taking and note making— SOFT SKILLS: time management— VALUES: “Time and tide wait for no one”

PROSE: “Benaras” by Aldous Huxley— PRONUNCIATION n: fricatives— GRAMMAR: adjective— VOCABULARY: oxymoron and hyperbole— SPELLING: use of ‘able’ and ‘ible’— PUNCTUATION: colon and long dash— CONVERSATION: making/accepting/refusing a request— READING: Burrakatha— WRITING: informal letter— SOFT SKILLS: leadership— VALUES: “The pen is mightier than the sword”

POETRY: “The Sun is Warm” by PB Shelley— PRONUNCIATION: affricates and nasals— GRAMMAR: articles— VOCABULARY: portmanteau words, loan words— SPELLING: use of ‘-ic’, ‘-ive’, ‘-ity’, ‘-al’ ‘-ance’, ‘-ence’— PUNCTUATION: hyphen and long dash— CONVERSATION: Conducting a meeting/seeking opinion of team members— READING: Cultural identity of Telangana— WRITING: formal letter— SOFT SKILLS: stress management— VALUES: “Practice makes one perfect”

DRAMA: An extract of Act III, Sc 2 from Julius Caeser by Shakespeare— PRONUNCIATION: Lateral, frictionless continuants, semi vowels— GRAMMAR: adverb— VOCABULARY: palindromes— SPELLING: changes of spelling from noun-verb-adjective-adverb— PUNCTUATION: inverted commas— CONVERSATION: Appearing for a job interview/conducting a job interview—READING: Handicrafts of Telangana—WRITING: business letter— SOFT SKILLS: etiquette and grooming— VALUES: “Necessity is the mother of invention”

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